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We handle projects based on stringent specifications and develop customized tagging systems including hyper-linking to external documents, internet site, table of contents and document indexes. After document or data capture, SGML/ XML tags are applied using high-end software or through manual rendition by experienced document editors.

We help publishers to convert their content to XML, MathML, SGML, HTML and/or PDF so that the content can be viewed through browsers or download as e-Books that can be read on PCs or multiple handheld PDA devices. Our aesthetically designed Glass books offer full-color display of e-book pages, including Adobe PDF documents. Searching, book marking, highlighting and annotating are some of the useful built-in functionalities. We create DTD and design system for predefined DTD like Doc book, NITF, NewsML etc.

Input formats


Output formats

HTML, SGML, XML (inlcudes NLM, NIMAS, etc), PDF, OEB, Doc Book, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Mobipocket, Adobe digital edition, Microsoft Reader, PML

We have developed many software workflow packages in-house for the above conversions that are compatible to any ePublishing requirement.

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